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One thing that makes all indoor and outdoor spaces stand out is the awesome lighting involved. Most of what we know of our world comes to us through our eyes and the way we see things depends on how they are lit. Lighting or illumination is about making light practically useful or using light in order to add aesthetic value. It plays a crucial role in making an ordinary space – extraordinary! Lighting is a necessity which can also be used to grab attention and creatively moulded to set the mood or make an area aesthetically appealing.


We don’t notice it all the time but proper lighting makes a huge difference. Imagine you go a club after a few drinks and as soon as you enter, bright white lights almost blind you. You would probably never return to the club again. A party needs lighting which fits the mood and makes you want to groove. Probably, dim lighting along with disco lights, led crystal lights etc will be appropriate for a night-club. Now, think about going to a shopping center or a mall. Would you like to have dim lights here as well? Wouldn’t you want to see all the shops, the clothes, the accessories and the brands properly? That’s precisely why all malls or shopping areas have bright lighting with separate sections highlighted using different colored lighting or rope lights or string lights etc.

7404224218_67678f2286Lighting can be both natural or artificial. Natural lighting is daylight put into use by using windows, shafts etc. Using natural light saves electricity as compared to artificial lighting which has to be installed in spaces which are not planned for using daylight.

Artificial lighting is an integral part of our day to day lives and if you think about your daily routine, you would be surprised to realize that you use lights throughout the day, be it in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, corridor, car, elevator, office, lights are everywhere.

Floodlight_at_Grace_Road_Cricket_Ground_-_geograph.org.uk_-_364796Lighting fixtures hold a light source and serve the purpose of directing light properly, avoiding visual glare and adding aesthetic value to a space. There are various types of light fixtures that are available in the market today. These vary according to type of lamp or light source used, design and the occasion of use. The lights that we use at our homes are different from the lights that we use in our offices or shopping malls. Our cars have battery operated lights while our gardens may have solar lights. A porch might have dim rope or string lights whereas a football stadium will probably have huge floodlights.

The different types of lamps used in light fixtures are as follows: Ballast, Fluorescent, Neon, Halogen, Light Emitting Diode (LED), Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL). All these produce light in different ways and have different applications as well.

2172474_5d38c061Lighting can also be occasion specific. Festivals and special days are incomplete without proper lighting. Think about Christmas, Halloween or even a simple romantic candle lit dinner with your partner. Without proper lighting, all these occasions are simply incomplete.

Awesome.Lighting is your guide for the various lighting fixtures available, their characteristics, associated hazards, useful applications and fair reviews.

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